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KingData joins hand with Polygon to give blockchain data solutions and public chain research

KingData is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Polygon, which enables the latter to provide blockchain data solutions and public chain research.

As a leading blockchain data analysis platform, KingData will collaborate with Polygon Ecology, assisting with contract resolution services for the ecosystem’s 200+ applications and leveraging the platform’s advantages of presenting Polygon ecological data to KingData users in a more clear and intuitive manner. The integration will also aid users in monitoring, tracking, and analyzing project data, allowing them to connect in the creation of initiatives and achieve mutual benefits.

Polygon is the most popular Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development platform. Its developing product suite makes it simple to access all major scaling and infrastructure solutions, such as L2 solutions (ZK Rollups and Optimistic Rollups), sidechains, enterprise chains, hybrid solutions, data availability solutions, and so on. Polygon has spread its scaling solutions with over 7000+ apps, 1B+ total transactions processed, $5B+ in assets secured, and 100M+ unique user addresses.

Polygon’s goal is to provide a sidechain solution to some of the Ethereum network’s issues, such as high transaction costs and a lack of community control. Polygon is a Layer 2 solution based on Ethereum. This sidechain is not intended to be an “Ethereum killer,” but rather to improve the efficiency, size, and utility of Ethereum.

KingData is a trading-enabled multi-dimensional data collection and tracking tool. Users can find new projects and track the chain’s data dynamics in real time to find the best investment opportunities.

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