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Singer Kiesza backs robot NFT drop MetaMoves to raise funds for 3D printed prosthetic limbs

Kiesza, a Canadian musician, came in support of an NFT drop named MetaMoves in collaboration with NFT marketplace Portion. Through the NFT drop sale the platform aims to raise donations for a young man and a dog who require prosthesis.

Canadian singer Kiesza is backing MetaMoves, an NFT drop in cooperation with NFT marketplace Portion that aims to raise cash for ayoung man and a dog who require prosthesis. The funds will be used to 3D print a leg for Cuco the dog and an arm for Jesus the young guy. 

Kiesza remarked in an interview that as someone who has been in an accident, she empathises with others who are dealing with the hardships of losing a limb. She explained:

“Movements are at the core of everything we do, as we understand the central role they play in people’s identities. […] You can only imagine how unbearable it would be to add to the mental and physical challenges of losing a limb, the lack of resources.”

Web3’s potential to assist people is something she believes in. She also mentioned that helping individuals restore their capacity to move is crucial and coincides with MetaMoves’ objective. Despite the fact that the drop was endorsed by a well-known musician and had noble intentions, the highest offer at the end of the auction was just 0.5 Ether (ETH).

According to Portion CEO Jason Rosenstein, the raised money will be sent to a non-profit organisation called MediPrint, which specialises in creating and 3D printing prostheses. Cuco the dog and Jesus the young guy will each receive 0.5 ETH. He remarked:

“We will use 0.5ETH to print a prosthetic leg for Cuco, an amazing dog, and to print an arm for Jesus, a young man who lost his arm while saving some children from firecrackers.”

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