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Joel Dietz introduces the Layer 1 protocol for Metaverse interoperability

Joel Dietz, Metamask’s founding architect, has come out of crypto retirement to work on a layer 1 protocol enabling Metaverse interoperability. His Metametaverse project is natively cross-chain and includes a programming language for creating and managing metaverses, as well as running games and simulations within them and mapping alternative realities.

Joel Dietz is well-known in the early crypto industry for not only designing Metamask and securing early funding, but also for establishing the academic field of cryptoeconomics, establishing legal standards for utility tokens at Harvard and MIT, and creating the first governance protocols in crypto, including Swarm, which became Germany’s first regulated DeFi project.

Despite taking a multi-year hiatus from crypto, Joel Dietz has decided to return because “the Metaverse needs its own language.” Dietz wants to improve Metaverse interoperability by using a coordinate system called Metametalang to map human experiences. Every sort of human experience, according to Dietz, can be mapped onto coordinates and then made accessible to others. That “language” can be used to create and map metaverses, and it has important properties like cubing space. Users can experience an Alice in Wonderland effect by placing cubes inside cubes and shrinking themselves to experience it.

In December 2021, the MetaMetaVerse project received $2 million in seed funding from a number of well-known investors. The DAO Maker, Decasonic, Metaverse Group, The LAO, Neon, Router Protocol, PARSIQ, IQ Protocol, Terrasurge Capital, Polygon Studios, Hilman Capital, 3Commas Capital, Carl the Moon, Electric Feel, DeBrididge, CV Labs, and Bobas Network are among the participants.

“Neon is happy to sponsor Meta Metaverse,” said Chris Furlong of Neon. This is one of the most forward-thinking teams in the industry, developing not only beautiful worlds within worlds, but also a new set of underlying protocols and pipes that will be utilised in the open metaverse for years to come. “

Kunal Krishan
Kunal Krishan
Kunal is an investment space writer who firmly believes investment is something which should not be a choice but a part of everyone's life.


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