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Japanese Yen Falls to Zero Against Bitcoin on Google Finance

April 18, 2024 — The Japanese yen, traditionally a stronghold in the forex market, has fallen to a 34-year low against both the US dollar and Bitcoin, marking a significant shift in global currency dynamics. This decline in the yen’s value reflects broader economic challenges in Japan, including issues of hyperinflation and the impact of divergent monetary policies from major economies such as the United States.

The Japanese yen, the third most traded currency globally, is facing unprecedented depreciation in value against major currencies, including the US dollar and Bitcoin.

The yen has dropped to such a degree against Bitcoin that it effectively rounds to zero when calculated in the cryptocurrency, illustrating the stark contrast in the performance of the traditional fiat currency versus the digital asset. This phenomenon was highlighted by Google Finance and has sparked discussions about the increasing value of Bitcoin relative to fiat currencies.

The decline has been particularly noted this year, following a surge in Bitcoin’s value. The cryptocurrency’s rise was significantly influenced by the approval of spot BTC ETFs in February, which strengthened its position against various global currencies.

This financial shift impacts Japan primarily but has ramifications in the global economic landscape, reflecting on currency exchanges and digital asset markets worldwide.

Japan’s currency troubles stem from hyperinflation and its central bank’s interest rate policies, which sharply contrast with those of the US Federal Reserve. As the Fed hikes rates to combat inflation, the Bank of Japan has kept its rates low to stimulate growth, exacerbating the yen’s decline.

As the yen weakens, Bitcoin continues to gain traction as a viable alternative to traditional fiat currencies. Prominent BTC advocates like Michael Saylor have lauded Bitcoin as “sound money,” citing its design with a fixed supply limit and inflation control mechanisms such as halving events. Bitwise’s CIO, Mat Hougan, recently noted that these halving events are likely to positively influence Bitcoin’s long-term market value, emphasizing the cryptocurrency’s resilience and appeal during global economic uncertainties.

This ongoing trend highlights the shifting paradigms in financial markets, where digital currencies are increasingly viewed as stable alternatives to fiat currencies amidst global economic volatility.



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