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Google is in need of blockchain expert crew

“I’m hanging up my legal spurs to be Head of Strategy for Digital Assets at Google! ..…..…… I’m excited to apply my legal toolset to biz strategy!!” : Rich Widmann

In a blog post published Thursday, Google Cloud announced the employment of a team of blockchain experts to leverage on the shift to decentralised Web 3 apps. Rich Widmann, who formerly worked as product counsel in Google’s legal department, is in charge of strategy for the new division. 

Currently, cloud companies like Google and Amazon are at the apex of Web 2 centralization development. But, Google sees decentralised blockchain technologies will be having more potential.

Google’s cloud service includes tools for developers to construct blockchain networks, as well as customers such as Dapper Labs, Hedera, Thera Labs, and many cryptocurrency exchanges. Google Cloud has also partnered with Polygon to make it easier for developers to evaluate on-chain data on the blockchain.

Amazon AWS, the world’s largest cloud computing provider, has entered the blockchain area, focusing on finance and payment applications. Alchemy, a blockchain infrastructure startup aiming to be the Amazon of the blockchain world, just secured USD 250 million in a Series C investment

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