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French Olympic committee 2024 plans to offer customised blockchain ticket system to spectators

On June 15, In a press release, the French Olympic Committee clarified their intention on using a blockchain ticketing system for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. The organisation intends to offer spectators with a non-transferable and customised blockchain ticketing system.

Last week, Michel Cadot, the Olympic coordinator of the French government, presented a report to the Prime Minister of France outlining some prospective changes for the Olympic Games of 2024. The panel also suggested improved safety practices to eliminate the incident that occurred in the Champions League Final previous month. In the Champions League final (Real Madrid vs. Liverpool) in Paris, the game was delayed by more than 30 minutes as many of the fans arrived with fake or without tickets. 

Paris Olympics and blockchain ticketing system

The job of Michel Cadot is to link the different public and commercial organizations involved for organizing the Paris Olympic Games for 2024 and the Rugby World Cup for next year. According to him there was a lack of proof that massive ticket fraud was the key element that caused trouble at the venue. Although Michel Cadot determined that citizens without tickets or with false ones led to congestion and delays in entrance to the event. He also noted that transportation, signs, and surveillance was also insufficient.

The tickets may alternatively be registered with a rotating QR code, which can be disabled as soon as the ticket owner enters the event. Ticket customization might even allow ticket buyers to receive interactive messaging regarding transport, safety, and venue access via digital methods.

The proposal aims for non-transferable ticket to be distributed by the corporation a few days prior the commencement of the Olympics.

Blockchain tickets and other events

According to the report, a customized and secure ticketing system would provide participants with several perks, including instructions via digital platforms on subjects like how to access the venue from any region of Paris and security protocols to be followed during the Games. It was also suggested that every big sporting event conducted in France should have one.

Michel Cadot further stated that blockchain tickets may be effectively implemented into other large sporting events in France, stating:

“These provisions are already planned for the 2023 Rugby World Cup and the Olympics and Paralympics 2024 and practiced by major events such as the French International Tennis.”

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