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Father of Sony Playstation rejected the idea of current Metaverse

Ken Kutaragi, who is among one of the Sony Playstation’s creators, has criticised the metaverse idea. The metaverse idea is currently being pushed by some famous big companies. In an interview with Bloomberg, Kutaragi expressed his thoughts about the metaverse and highlighted the importance of presence in the actual world. He expressed that metaverse is about creating quasi-real in the virtual environment. A person in the metaverse is just a polished avatar rather than the real oneself.

Facebook which is now known as Meta is working on the same technology by developing a Metaverse. Last year, Meta demonstrated a new VR headset and set of gloves that allowed users to view and feel a virtual environment. This concept uses Augmented Reality technology. Augmented Reality methods allow people to merge virtual reality materials with the real world.

According to Kutaragi, it may offer a more immersive experience than what is now being presented. This is a hybrid view of the metaverse that allows for the incorporation of holograms and other similar aspects into our reality. However, this connection would take place without any form of gear being attached to the user. Kutaragi further expressed that these gears including headsets would separate you from the actual world.

Metaverse might be an USD 8 trillion industry: Goldman Sachs

Kutaragi is presently the CEO of Ascent, a firm dedicated to the advancement of such technologies. Elon Musk, the CEO of Spacex, has also raised reservations about the current status of the metaverse. The metaverse is merely a buzzword for now, according to Musk.


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