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eBay plans to accept cryptocurrency payments

After several years of considering such a move, eBay may eventually implement crypto payments.

E-commerce behemoth, eBay, is pacing towards providing support for cryptocurrency payments from the month of March. According to CEO Jamie Lannone, the new payment method is intended to attract younger customers. In an interview, Lannone stated that on March 10, the company will delve further into all of the topics related to crypto, including payments, advertising, and our priority areas.

According to research, millennials are the most crypto-friendly group, which explains eBay’s planned crypto flip. Despite beginning to experiment with non-fungible tokens in May, the popular e-commerce site has so far refrained from completely embracing cryptocurrency.

eBay was formed in September 1995 and originally considered taking Bitcoin in 2013, when the world’s first cryptocurrency was still in its initial stages. There was some speculation that eBay might begin accepting cryptocurrencies in 2019, but the corporation quickly denied such speculation. eBay has finally confirmed that it is seriously contemplating allowing crypto payments.

Vaishali Goel
Vaishali Goel
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