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‘Dutiful son’ poisons dad’s tea to gain access of USD 400K BTC funds

A dispute between a father and son over cryptocurrency trading resulted in a near-death experience and some jail time.

Back in 2018, the father, who did not want to be recognised, made his son, Liam Ghershony, a partner in his $100,000 crypto investment account. As market circumstances shifted, the father and son had opposing views on what to do with their Bitcoin (BTC). Despite declining prices, the father insisted on “hodling,” whilst the son desired to cash out. 

Ghershony handed his father some tea for a “energy boost” with seemingly good intentions. The father took it without realising it was laced with massive doses of benzodiazepine to put him unconscious. Following that, the son used his father’s phone to send $400,000 in Bitcoins to his account, of which he changed two-thirds into Ether (ETH). He left his father alone, believing he’d wake up on his own.

Two days later, police discovered the father unconscious but alive in his bedroom. He was taken to the hospital and spent four days recuperating from dehydration and organ failure.

The son admitted to his mother, Christine Prefontaine, what he had done to her. She then decided to submit a police report against him, while his father started a criminal action against him. In the end, the son served 125 days in jail and avoided additional punishment by completing two months of rehabilitation.

Vaishali Goel
Vaishali Goel
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