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Draper University collaborates with VeChain to teach Web 3 founders

Draper University, a business school founded by Tim Draper, a billionaire venture capitalist and early crypto user, has teamed up with blockchain application platform VeChain to develop new programmes for anyone interested in founding and scaling Web 3 firms.

The four-week VeChain Fellowship certificate programme teaches registrants about entrepreneurship and blockchain basics in order to help them create their own Web 3 firm using the VeChain Thor public blockchain. Draper University will then choose roughly a dozen fellows to continue on to the VeChain Web 3 Accelerator, where each will earn $100,000 in capital in exchange for a 5% equity position in their firm.

Similar events were previously organised by Draper University in collaboration with Tezos Israel, a blockchain innovation centre, and Algorand, a finance-focused blockchain. VeChain, a blockchain platform for supply chain and business process management, was an early backer of the Draper Network of investment funds. In an interview, Draper University CEO Asra Nadeem stated that the center’s support does not cease on graduation day. Graduates can raise additional cash from outside investors during a demo day held at the end of the programme. The graduates are also presented to the Draper Network’s roughly 18 global funds for possible investment.

On the operational side, University uses the Draper Network to connect graduates with potential consumers. According to Nadeem, the group may also help with hiring by connecting graduating companies with technical, sales, and marketing personnel. The program’s application period is currently open. The VeChain Fellowship programme will take place from April 18 to May 13, with the Accelerator running from July 11 to September 7.

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Kunal Krishan
Kunal Krishan
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