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Diversify portfolio and have some crypto: US Senator

Senator Toomey believes that having a well-diversified investment portfolio is the greatest way to build long-term wealth. He also believes some part of the portfolio may have crypto.

Nowadays cryptocurrency is gaining much popularity. A mango man, VIP and even VVIPs want to know about investment strategies to make some money by investing into it. But everyone doesn’t know about everything. Amid this, a US lawmaker Pat Toomey discussed these asset classes on CNBC this Wednesday. He acknowledged that crypto assets form part of his diverse investing portfolio, he also added that “actively trading in these would be an exaggeration.”

The lawmaker from Pennsylvania remarked that he had a pretty straightforward plan i.e. diversification to save anything. He added that crypto assets are here to remain and should be included in a well-diversified portfolio.

He explained that he was using this method since he had been “doing other activities rather than studying companies and choosing investments” in the past. In June 2021, he revealed his investment in Grayscale Investments’ bitcoin and ethereum holdings. According to a spokesman for the senator, cryptocurrency takes up just under 1% of Toomey’s entire financial portfolio.

The spokesman highlighted that keeping a well-diversified investment strategy today requires holding some crypto also in view of becoming crypto’s a substantively asset class.

Senator Toomey has always supported free markets, less regulation, limited government and lower taxes.

If parliamentarians have the authority to influence legislation, should they be permitted to invest in cryptocurrencies as well? On this question the Senator expressed that the USA has a very strict disclosure policy for assets. Every transaction must be documented and recorded. All assets must be declared. People can see the actions of lawmakers and develop their own judgments.


Do you think that all other lawmakers should think like Mr Pat Toomey? Let us know by commenting below.



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