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DFinity offers USD 250 million plan to end the Ukraine invasion

Dominic Williams, President and Chief Scientist of the DFinity Foundation, has detailed a plan to stop the Ukrainian war by rewarding Russians with cryptocurrency for seeing well-crafted videos of the ongoing conflict.

According to Dominic, the use of smart contracts on the internet might assist in reaching uninformed Russians and perhaps ending the conflict by putting pressure on the Kremlin. According to Dominic Williams, as little as $50 may motivate millions of Russians to stand up to the Kremlin and demand an end to the conflict in Ukraine. Dominic proposed the use of a DAO to manage the finances using well-secured smart contracts in order for the plan to become a fact. Nonetheless, there are technological problems that must be overcome before the idea can be realised, some of which ICP is addressing.

The use of the virtual people parties framework, which operates on the Internet computer blockchain but is still in the alpha stage, is at the top of the list of technological hurdles. The biggest issue that has to be solved right now is streaming video into Safari on iOS using the WebRTC protocol.

The Russian government continues to maintain control over the country’s internet access. As a result, all navigational optics are being overhauled. Nonetheless, ICP suggests that a huge number of IP addresses be used in the plan, mostly by having support personnel in the West operate as relays. Even if the money does not reach the intended recipients, Dominic said that it may be used to reconstruct Ukraine.

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Jeewan Singh
Jeewan Singh
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