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Dfinity Launches Olympus Platform for Web3 Acceleration

April 10, 2024 – The Dfinity Foundation, headquartered in Switzerland, made headlines today with the unveiling of the Olympus Acceleration Platform, marking a significant leap forward for the Web3 space. As a pivotal contributor to the Internet Computer blockchain, Dfinity’s introduction of Olympus heralds the dawn of the first decentralized, on-chain Web3 accelerator. This innovation is poised to transform how accelerator programs are organized and launched globally, offering a new paradigm of interaction among projects, mentors, and investors.

Olympus is celebrated as a groundbreaking platform within the blockchain community. Its “Open Stake” model is particularly notable for fostering a permissionless ecosystem that encourages inclusivity and facilitates seamless integrations. This model allows for a dynamic environment where projects, mentors, and investors can engage freely, distinguishing Olympus from other accelerator initiatives that often operate within restrictive boundaries.

Dominic Williams, the founder and chief scientist of the Dfinity Foundation, emphasizes that Olympus aims to be “a global platform for everyone.” This platform seeks to amalgamate top talent, innovative projects, and leading investors and mentors into a credible, trustless marketplace. It aims to provide equal opportunities and access to all qualified projects, challenging the conventional, permission-based framework of traditional accelerators that rely heavily on grants and operate in isolation.

Olympus introduces what Dfinity describes as a “trustless perpetual loop.” This feature is designed to offer on-chain verification of crucial project growth metrics, leveraging the robust infrastructure of the Internet Computer Protocol. The Internet Computer itself is a pioneering decentralized computing platform that aims to democratize internet infrastructure, promoting a more open and equitable digital ecosystem.

The development of Olympus was made possible through collaboration with Web3Labs, a blockchain accelerator based in Hong Kong, along with mentorship and support from a broad spectrum of investors and partners. These include prestigious entities such as Fenbushi Capital, Fundamental Labs, Softbank Vision Fund, NewTribe Capital, and many others, underscoring the wide-reaching belief in Olympus’ potential to revolutionize the Web3 acceleration landscape.

In essence, the launch of the Olympus Acceleration Platform by the Dfinity Foundation represents a significant stride towards redefining the mechanics of blockchain acceleration, promising a future of more inclusive, efficient, and decentralized project development in the Web3 domain.



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