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Deloitte and NYDIG forms strategic relationship to boost adoption of Bitcoin Products

On June 21, Deloitte and NYDIG formed a strategic relationship to allow businesses all over the world to integrate digital assets into their operations to increase the adoption of Bitcoin goods and services. The services will not be limited to only payments and banking, incentive programs, Bitcoin products, employee bonuses, and other crypto-related features will be available. While Deloitte is a professional services firm, NYDIG is a prominent Bitcoin (BTC) company.

Deloitte and NYDIG Collaboration

NYDIG will collaborate with Deloitte’s blockchain and digital assets group and the firms will offer expert guidance on integrating the aforementioned Bitcoin-related goods and services. Deloitte will supply professional services in a variety of business-related areas, while NYDIG will make its BTC-based financial products and BTC-related services available.

How the collaboration will work?

The collaboration establishes a centralized method for clients seeking assistance in adopting Bitcoin goods and services. It will assist organizations in using Deloitte’s multidisciplinary professional services, as well as NYDIG’s extensive bitcoin financial and technological products and services.

Yan Zhao, the CEO of NYDIG, indicated that in his future vision, financial infrastructure for traditional banking and cryptocurrency would coexist. He said:

“We envision a world where traditional financial infrastructure works alongside digital asset infrastructure to deliver clients a best-in-class experience with the highest standards of regulatory compliance. We’ve already started the journey of bringing bitcoin to all by embedding bitcoin wallets into existing user experiences, powering bitcoin rewards programs, and enabling bitcoin-secured lending.  Deloitte is the perfect collaborator to help companies take the next step to efficiently execute on these types of projects and meet customer demand with a high level of rigor.”

In the press release, Richard Rosenthal from Deloitte said the followings:

“The future of financial services will center around the use of digital assets, and we are focused on advising our clients on ways to engage in a regulated and compliant way. We believe this alliance with NYDIG will further drive business growth and is another hallmark of the extensive investment Deloitte is making in enabling digital asset innovation.”

Need for integration for boosting bitcoin-related products acceptance

According to the information, consumers are attempting to convince banks to offer them Bitcoin-related financial services in the same manner that banks allow them to utilize USD-based products and services. Now, Deloitte and NYDIG plan to increase Bitcoin acceptance through mandatory compliance.

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