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DeepDAO develops 1st Search Engine to explore DAO ecosystem

DeepDAO has created a search engine tool to assist users in exploring the large DAO ecosystem. DeepDAO's creator and CEO, Eyal Eithcowich, said: “.....This growing network of individuals socialising, investing, working, and accomplishing amazing things together need a more comprehensive set of tools....”

DeepDAO, a data collector and analytics tool, has developed the Decentralized autonomous organisations (DAO) ecosystem’s first dedicated search engine. DeepDAO’s unique search engine is created to make it simple for individuals involved in the DAO ecosystem to help them in making informed decisions. Around 1.6 million People with over 4,100 DAOs are owning governance tokens.

To understand Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO), Click here

The DeepDAO engine plots out the connections between DAOs, its users, and the tokens. The software compiles and analyses organisational data. The compilation results in individual profiling of DAO governance token holders.

Organizations, individuals, fees, and tools are the four categories that the DeepDAO search engine splits its data into. The DAO Feed provides users with an overview of all DAO decisions and votes, while the tools section features several number tools for constructing and maintaining DAOs.

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