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Crypto Tattoos’ interests rose 222 percent in the last year: Report

You must have seen many types of tattoos in your life, but have you ever considered getting a tattoo on your body that reminds you of cryptocurrency? According to research produced by Crypto Head, people are more interested in getting crypto-related ink done this year than they were last year. According to the report, interest in crypto tattoos has surged by 222 percent in the last year, based on Google search volume and Instagram hashtag data. According to the statistics, the search term “crypto tattoo” was used in 1,900 requests.

“Bitcoin tattoo” received 1,600 searches during the past 12 months, whereas “dogecoin tattoo” received 700. Meanwhile, ethereum (ETH), the second most valuable cryptocurrency by market capitalization, received the fewest tattoo-related inquiries. In addition to utilising Google search data, Crypto Head researchers looked at Instagram stats as well. According to the findings, bitcoin (BTC) tattoo-related topics are the most popular on the social media platform Instagram, with 986 photos using the hashtag “#bitcointattoo.” There were around 956 Instagram posts with the hashtag “#cryptotattoo,” and just 11 posts with the hashtag “#dogecointattoo.” With only six posts in total, the hashtag “#ethereumtattoo” was once again the least used on Instagram.

Other social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, display a lot of posts with the hashtag “#cryptotattoo,” in addition to research. The hashtag “#bitcointattoo” has been more popular on social media platforms like Twitter, where a spate of people have published photos of their Bitcoin-themed tattoos in recent years.

Would you also consider getting a crypto-related tattoo? Comment below.

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Kunal Krishan
Kunal Krishan
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