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Crypto ownership increases hand in hand with Norwegian women crypto holding

As per a recent poll, the percentage of Norwegian women who own crypto has increased from 3% to 6% in only one year.

Female holding of crypto assets in Norway increased from 3% in early 2021 to 6% by March 30 this year, according to a poll performed by Arcane Research and Ernst & Young. The online poll, done in collaboration with Norstat, one of the major data collectors for market analysis services in Northern Europe, questioned 1000 Norwegians aged 15 and older. 

According to a report, the gender difference in cryptocurrency ownership in Norway has been expanding. Male ownership climbed from 6% in 2019 to 14% in 2022 within the same time period. Approximately 10% of the Norwegian population owns a cryptocurrency, marking a twofold increase in global cryptocurrency ownership since 2018. 

Women investing in crypto around the world

Not just in Norway, but Australian women who invested in cryptocurrency increased from 10% in 2020 to 20% by late 2021, according to a poll. Women make up over half (47%) of all cryptocurrency investors in Turkey and 63% of the “crypto-curious”. According to a poll, half of Germans are willing to invest in cryptocurrency, with women comprising 53% of the total.

Women are more danger investors, according to Grayscale research from 2019, which is widely cited as a cause for the gender discrepancy in the proportion of female and male cryptocurrency investors.

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