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Crypto lobby criticizes community for assaulting EU Lawmakers

The European Crypto Initiative (EUCI) highly criticized recent assaults on EU lawmakers who voted in favour of cracking down on non-hosted bitcoin wallets in a letter to members of the European Parliament (MEP). Such behaviour is “unacceptable,” according to the EUCI, which is devoted to “constructive” and “responsive” work. Another lobbying organization for the crypto world, Blockchain for Europe, also stated that there is no room for verbal harassment.

EU lawmakers and crypto community assaults

The two MEPs, Assita Kanko and Aurore Lalucq, who prompted the attempts to make anonymised cryptocurrency transactions illegal, have been the main targets of racist and sexist attacks on social media.

Assita Kanko is a Belgian journalist and politician from the New Flemish Alliance and Aurore Lalucq is a French economist and politician from the Place Publique party. Kanko and Lalucq have both shown a desire to engage in constructive discourse with the crypto industry.

EU Parliament decision on anonymity in crypto

The European Parliament decided in late March to essentially restrict anonymity in crypto. Every transaction, regardless of size, will require crypto firms to verify the sender and recipient. 

The new legislation drew harsh condemnation from the crypto world, with some of the industry’s most prominent voices pouring fuel to the flames. Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong stated in a tweet that requiring KYC on anonymous transactions “eviscerates” the EU’s work in the domain of privacy legislation and policy.

However, the contentious modifications are not final. They will be the focus of the next trialogue talks, which might yet make a difference.

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