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Twitter feud: CoinFLEX CEO claims Roger Ver owes them $47 million in USDC

One of the challenge 0f cryptocurrency is determining who to believe. An example of this argument is the current ongoing twitter battle between Roger Ver, CEO of who has substantial assets in the US, UK, and other significant jurisdictions and Mark Lamb, CEO of CoinFlex.

On June 28, CoinFLEX CEO Mark Lamb, confirmed that Roger Ver owes $47 million in USD coins. But on the other hand Ver denies all the allegations made by Lamb. He even asserts that CoinFlex actually owes him money.

On June 28, Roger Ver, popularly known as Bitcoin Jesus, tweeted:

On June 27, CoinFlex halted crypto withdrawals and announced that they would resume the service on June 30. However, the exchange put a condition that the service will only resume if it could sell tokens connected to a debt due by a “particular high net worth individual.”

CoinFLEX vehemently disagrees with Roger Ver claims, the exchange firmly stating that it doesn’t owe him any money. His claim is obviously false. It exclaimed that it is terrible wrong of Roger Ver to use such strategies to divert attention from his obligations and commitments.

Lamb emphasised that “the debt is 100% tied to his account.”

In order to resolve this matter, Mark Lamb has been calling Rog Ver frequently and discussing it.

Community reaction over ongoing Twitter feud

Most twitter users have sided with Roger Ver. Twitter users raised questions over CoinFLEX’s risk management system.

In response to @MarkDavidLambone, a twitter user tweeted:

“Why do you guys throw money about like this without any security? Does someone’s “fame” make them risk-free? This is what form of risk management? Particularly with a pseudo-scammer like Roger Ver. I swear, I wouldn’t borrow even one cent.”

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