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Coinbase establishes global crypto institute to upgrade policy on crypto and future of Web3

Coinbase has established the Coinbase Institute to enhance policy discourse on crypto and the future of Web3.

Coinbase, one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges, has founded the Coinbase Institute to enhance policy discourse on cryptocurrencies and the future of the Web3. The Coinbase Institute’s mission is to provide Web3-related research, analysis, and insights. According to the official Coinbase website, the institution will “spark development on decentralisation, web3, and the future of money by bringing together thought leaders from a variety of fields.” 

It is built on four pillars: doing and publishing research, facilitating collaborative talks with experts; forging institutional collaborations; and increasing public awareness of crypto and Web3. Coinbase is one of the main firms that formed the Crypto Council for Innovation, a global coalition to increase awareness of the benefits of cryptocurrencies, along with Block, Fidelity Digital Assets, and Andressen Horowitz.

The Coinbase Institute has also released a new paper called “Crypto and the Climate” as part of the launch. This paper examines how cryptocurrencies consume energy and rates their energy consumption and carbon impact. In addition, the newly established institution has released its first monthly insights report, which compares crypto risk to regular market risk. It focuses on the whole market’s volatility and correlation. Bitcoin and Ethereum, according to the analysis, exhibit similar volatility to commodities like oil and gas.

As part of the programme, Coinbase also announced a collaboration with the University of Michigan. Hermine Wong, the Head of Policy at Coinbase and a former SEC and State Department employee, is driving this project alongside her team.

Representatives from the MIT Cryptoeconomics Lab, National Bureau of Economic Research, MIT Sloan School, European Corporate Governance Institute, Harvard Business School, Duke University Fuqua School of Business, University of Michigan, Johns Hopkins University Carey School of Business, and others serve on the institute’s advisory board.

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