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Chinese Customs Authority seizes 49 old ASIC antminers: Report

Chinese officials continued their war on bitcoin miners after seizing 49 used Bitmain ASIC Antminers from anonymous people.

Huangpu Customs in China’s Guangdong Province announced the seizure of 49 bitcoin (BTC) miners with an unknown entity. These “anonymous” people attempted to smuggle the mining equipment into the nation. Media sources state that the old equipment will be thrown away in accordance with local rules.

According to local media reports, the suspected smugglers used bogus information on their export certificates. However, following an investigation, officials determined that the shipment did not contain shoe materials, as claimed in the “export paperwork.” Some media accounts have stated that the shipment consisted of obsolete ASIC miners.

The latest confiscation of mining machines by Chinese officials comes as the country’s crackdown on bitcoin miners continues. Huangpu Customs confirmed the seizure of the outdated ASIC Antminers just days after another Chinese regulator, the Shandong Development and Reform Commission (SDRC), announced the publication of a paper titled “Report on Rectification of virtual currency mining activities.”

According to the Chinese website, the regulator declared the start of telephone line surveillance for “rectification” of crypto mining operations at the provincial and local levels through this document.


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