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Chainlink Keepers team up Devolution to develop its NFT Marketplace

Devolution and Chainlink Keepers have teamed up to develop Devolution, which incorporates the latter. Devolution will have access to secure smart contract automation services as a result of this connection.

Chainlink Keepers appear to be Devolution’s salvation. Players who enter the Devolution gaming universe must first purchase Evonom, strong animals of the Devolution gaming ecosystem that are the dominating population of Callisto, Jupiter’s outer moon. As a result, the NFT marketplace serves as the game’s central core. To provide trustless transactions, it must be safe and decentralised. The entire procedure necessitates the use of functions to launch and end the NFT auction without any hiccups in the infrastructure. Until date, it has been a manual process, resulting in a centralised infrastructure.

Chainlink has been in business for a long time. No other player has ever been able to equal the standard set by its team since its start. Chainlink focuses on enabling hybrid smart contract solutions through the development and sale of Oracle services. Clients can also easily acquire access to Oracle services. 

Devolution emphasises the importance of decentralising transactions on an end-to-end basis by including Chainlink Keepers. This will be followed by utilising the automation service, which will allow Devolution to reduce the amount of human work associated with executing the NFT marketplace auction. To acquire an Evomon, players must participate in an auction. Following the auction, NFT is sent immediately to the player’s wallet. With Chainlink Keepers in place, the infrastructure will begin and finish the auction process automatically. The infrastructure will then initiate the transfer of the NFT to a player’s wallet.

Chainlink Keepers were picked for a variety of characteristics that they provided. These benefits include decentralised execution, higher efficiency, improved security, and cost savings. Devolution intends to include the Chainlink Verifiable Random Function in the future to ensure that participants have a fair and equal chance of earning a rare prize.

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