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Celsius in Queue to withdraw over 428K stETH from Lido Protocol

Celsius, the insolvent cryptocurrency loan-giving company, is eager to obtain its staked Eather, from liquid staking protocol Lido, which permitted withdrawal this week.

Celsius started the most common way of pulling out its Lido Marked ETH (stETH) from the platform. Transaction data indicates that it has asked to withdraw 428,084 stETH in groups of 1,000.

The reserve is worth around $784.7 million at current costs. The measure comes after a comparable number of stETH were transferred on May 15 in anticipation of a withdrawal.

The stETH tokens will be burned by Lido when the withdrawal procedure is finished and Celsius will get the same in Ether.

Dune Analytics data shows that the total worth of stETH in the withdrawal line is 442,000 from 141 requests. It is estimated to be worth $808 million, however, Celsius is liable for most of it. As per Dune, a total of 629 ETH have been processed so far.

Celsius to withdraw steth from lido protocol
Celsius to withdraw steth from lido protocol

On 16 May, Lido claimed to have enough ETH in its stores to handle all of the requests.

However, bigger quantities of Ether withdrawal demand from Lido will affect the organization withdrawal line, which is a dynamic process. 

Lido has a market share of roughly 30% and is the biggest staking service provider, so if demand rises, Celsius may have to wait a while to receive its ETH back.

According to Tom Wan, a researcher at 21Share, recommended that in unstaking event, if the demands surpassed 10%, it could cause a bigger number of validators to exist. This can cause withdrawal lines to get longer.

The funds might be used to partially pay off some of Celsius’s $4.7 billion in debt to creditors or as part of restructuring procedures.

The transaction that took place in late February and has a market value of almost $540 million, the cryptocurrency lender changed 22,962 wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) into BTC.



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