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Cashaa launches “personal wallet” to provide high interest rate on crypto assets

Cashaa launched a ‘personal wallet’ for crypto assets, offering up to 24% interest on it.

Cashaa is a cryptocurrency-friendly neo-bank that has established “personal wallets” that provide up to 24 percent interest on crypto assets. According to the company, this functionality combined with a yield programme allows customers to store, purchase, sell, and earn interest on their crypto assets. Cashaa’s new wallet allows users to create income from crypto, stable coin, and fiat deposits in over 22 supported currencies using Cashaa’s new wallet. The platform has been providing financial services to crypto firms all around the world, as well as real banking services in India through UNICAS. 

After providing banking services to businesses all over the world, the brand has come up with the personal wallet to make more money for retail customers. According to the firm, personal accounts will get daily interest payments. Currently, Cashaa is the largest commercial banking platform providing services to the crypto sector. It is now used by over 400 crypto firms, including industry giants from around the world. Cashaa personal accounts will be divided into two components. First, with flex earnings of up to 13% interest rate and no locking, users will begin earning interest as soon as they deposit the supported cryptocurrency into the Cashaa personal wallet. According to the company, the second option is a fixed deposit with an interest rate of up to 24 percent and a lock duration of one month to 12 months.

Cashaa’s creator and CEO, Kumar Gaurav, stated that launching personal accounts with the best interest rates is a significant achievement for the firm. “We are taking another step ahead in terms of striking a balance between regulation and benefiting the crypto community, and we anticipate Cashaa doing well as a consumer brand,” he added.


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