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Canadian authority in deep mess to seize Bitcoin donations from Freedom Convoy Trucker

Canadian Authorities are facing all kinds of trouble to acquire all Bitcoin donations made to Freedom Convoy truckers in response to the group’s protest of the country’s vaccine mandates.

According to a report, the Canadian government is attempting to recoup the majority of the $880,000 in peer-to-peer crypto donations contributed to the Freedom Convoy’s cause.

Last month, Government officials and local authorities were able to put an end to the protest in Ottawa. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada invoked the country’s Emergencies Act. The government was authorized to freeze bank accounts associated with donations to the Freedom Convoy movement under the Act. Officials were also able to petition crowdfunding platform  GoFundMe to restore $10 million in donations made to the Freedom Convoy.

The Canadian government, on the other hand, has been unable to halt a fundraising “Bitcoin for Truckers,” which raised cryptocurrency donations for the protest. The Ontario Supreme Court has ordered the owners of the multi-sig wallet containing the donated Bitcoin, as well as 122 other crypto addresses, to freeze the assets.

According to CBC, prior to the Supreme Court’s order, 14.6 Bitcoin of the total 20.7 BTC had already been allocated to 101 individual unidentifiable crypto wallets.

Nicholas St. Louis, a member of the multi-sig wallet who posted on Twitter that the transfer took place “long before” any legal threats were made against the donation organization.

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