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Blockchain intelligence company expects worldwide Bitcoin adoption to reach 10% by 2030

Blockware Intelligence, a blockchain intelligence company issued a research report on 9th June stating that worldwide Bitcoin adoption would be expected to reach 10% by 2030.

Blockware intelligence report took 6 months

Blockware intelligence has created new research that took 6 months to complete, documenting the adoption trend of the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

The new Blockware report tries to estimate Bitcoin adoption by using the historical S-Curve adoption pattern software and on-chain entity indicators. According to the research, Bitcoin adoption would be quicker than that of conventional systems. As more people participate in the Bitcoin network, the network’s price will go up.

Adoption curves represent a technology or concept of the sociological cycle of life. All technological disruptions look sluggish before because a new model has little market presence until it reaches an inflection point and surges through an exponential phase of growth.

Blockware examine rate of early adoption

The analysis of Blockware compares blockchain adoption rates and curves to 9 other emerging technologies that have changed the way businesses are managed. Considering the historical patterns of autos, radio, landlines, electricity, smartphones, tablets, cell phones, the internet, and media platforms, Blockware research, adoption is charted by examining the rate of early adoption, which leads to the early majority that use the technology, then by the late majority, and the latecomers coming last in the adoption processes.

In order to better correctly anticipate rates of growth, this study presents a conceptual model for assessing Bitcoin adoption in the context of previous disruptive technology adoption cycles. However, the Blockware research emphasized that the model used to estimate the adoption rate was merely conceptual at this point, and it was not intended to be used as financial advice or a short-term trading tool and that it will be developed further.

Several crypto investors and experts, including executives from Arcane Assets, AMDAX Asset Management, M31 Capital, and Ark Invest, examined the analysis and methodology. 

About Blockware Solutions

Blockware Solutions is a one-of-a-kind enterprise that provides worldwide Bitcoin and cryptocurrency developers with a complete solution to determine a growing and quickly expanding industry. Mining, mining equipment hardware acquisition, mining rig hosting solutions, expert pool management, and staking services are all provided by Blockware. Since its commencement in 2017, the brand sold over 300,000 mining rigs, positioned over 350 MW of sponsoring clients, mined thousands of Bitcoins, and published proprietary research by its research arm Blockware Intelligence, that has been transcribed into over 15 languages and earned millions of views.

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