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Bitcoin mining to “play a crucial role” in America’s energy sector, says US Senator Cynthia Lummis

The emergence of the emerging Bitcoin sector continues to garner new attention for its potential, implying that it will be more than just a payment network or a store of wealth. Bitcoin, according to certain members of the United States Congress, promises a solution to generations-old energy concerns.

Pete Sessions (R-TX), a member of the US House of Representatives, declared in a tweet today that Bitcoin mining will “play a crucial role” in making America’s energy sector self-sufficient.

Senator Cynthia Lummis (R-WY), a long-time supporter of Bitcoin in Congress, backed him up almost immediately.

Energy independence is a decades-old concept that resurfaces anytime a geopolitical crisis or market turmoil causes oil prices to rise. The price of crude oil has risen as a result of the Russia-Ukraine dispute. This has resulted in an increase in gas prices, despite the fact that the United States is a significant producer of oil.

President Joe Biden lamented the situation with fluctuating energy prices caused by external factors earlier this month. He urged Americans to do more research into renewable energy in order to promote energy independence and defend the country’s economy.

Bitcoin supporters have long argued that the pioneer cryptocurrency is a boost to any country’s ability to achieve this goal. Bitcoin mining necessitates a significant level of energy usage in order to function. Many Bitcoin analysts believe that this is a positive development for the US energy sector.

One reason is that Bitcoin mining operations are portable — they may be carried out at any time and from any location. Because of its adaptability, the operation may overcome various barriers that limit renewable energy generation.

Bitcoin mining can be conducted directly at the source of trapped energy or renewable energy sources that would otherwise be wasted. States in the United States, such as Texas, have realized this potential.

Senator Ted Cruz, who represents Texas, has previously stated that Bitcoin mining can help to repair the state’s crumbling electrical grid infrastructure. He asserted that miners can consume power when home demand is low and then immediately cut their usage when other needs rise.

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