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Bitcoin is aligned with American values: Pete Sessions

This week, U.S. Representative Pete Sessions tweeted multiple times about bitcoin. He tweeted on Friday that bitcoin is in line with American values and would support the US dollar. Sessions has served in the United States House of Representatives for 11 years, representing Texas’ 17th Congressional District.

Many Twitter users responded to the lawmaker, expressing a variety of viewpoints. Some agreed with him that Bitcoin is aligned with American values, but they disagreed that it would enhance the US dollar.

The Chamber of Digital Commerce responded to Sessions by saying: “Thank you for your leadership and support… We couldn’t agree more!”

According to Anthony Pompliano, co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital Assets, “Bitcoin reflects the American ideal of free markets and free expression.” Mark Jeffrey, a New York Times bestselling author, urged in a tweet that “the US Treasury should begin hoarding bitcoin reserves immediately,” tagging President Joe Biden and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.

Another Twitter user stated that “Bitcoin is aligned with American principles, the dollar is not.” Many individuals believe that bitcoin will destroy the US currency.

Earlier this week, Sessions tweeted about bitcoin being a hedge against inflation. “Inflation is a tax on every American,” he stated, emphasising that the “CPI climbed 7.9 percent through February—the highest yearly rate of inflation in 40 years.”

After senior executives from six major cryptocurrency businesses appeared before the House Committee on Financial Services in December of last year, Sessions encouraged Congress to be supportive of the crypto sector. In response to the hearing, Sessions stated: “I’m really impressed. I see a lot of inventiveness and entrepreneurial energy. We need to be there for you.”

Sessions allegedly selected Indian-American Himanshu B. Patel as his crypto technical working group’s chief economic development and energy infrastructure advisor in February.

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Jeewan Singh
Jeewan Singh
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