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Bitcoin represents freedom says Prince Philip

Serbia and Yugoslavia’s prince Philip emphasised that we need to take the money away from the state. He added that we require good quality money that is not prone to inflation.

On a Serbian TV show presented by Ivan Ivanovi, Prince Philip of Serbia and Yugoslavia discussed bitcoin. Prince Philip, a member of the House of Karaorevi, revealed that he works as an asset management analyst.

When questioned about cryptocurrency. He emphasises that his advice is “absolutely free.” He started with “crypto” but soon amended himself to “bitcoin.” 

Prince Philip stated that 

He went on:

Bitcoin represents freedom, which is something I wish for everyone.

He described Bitcoin as something that everyone has to learn about. He stressed that people would gradually learn. Initially, some people might resist learning it since they are not accustomed to it. They want to safeguard the system in which they excel. But they don’t comprehend, well, maybe they do, that that system is not favourable to everyone else around the globe, so billions of people throughout the world are not having a good time, the prince added.

The prince went on to say:

We need to take the money away from the state. He remarked that we needed hard money again. We require good-quality money that is not vulnerable to inflation.

In reference to inflation, he stated that the problem is today, and especially after the previous financial crisis in 2008, when massive stimulus was poured into the economy. And since then, with COVID-19, enormous amounts of stimulus have been pushed into the economy, and where is this money going to go? he explained. It will lead to inflation.

Prince Philip stressed that we don’t have that with Bitcoin. We have a limit of just 21 million bitcoins that will be generated, he explained, adding:

As a result, it will never be an inflationary asset that serves to safeguard individuals.

On top of that, it’s free of censorship. It’s quite malleable. You can reposition it. It will assist with people’s sovereignty, and it will help with people’s freedom, he concluded.


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