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Binance contributes USD 6 million to aid Ukrainians

Binance has launched the Ukraine Emergency Relief Fund, a cryptocurrency crowdfunding site to help Ukrainians.

Binance, a cryptocurrency and blockchain infrastructure provider, has donated $6 million to Ukraine’s humanitarian crisis through a newly launched crypto crowdfunding site, “Ukraine Emergency Relief Fund.” So far, Binance has donated a total of $10 million to various Ukrainian humanitarian causes. 

The site will be managed by the Binance Charity Foundation. It will be divided between intergovernmental entities and already-existing NGOs. UNICEF, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, iSans, and People in Need are among them. The aim is to assist displaced children and families in neighbouring countries as well as in Ukraine. People can donate any cryptocurrency to assist in offering emergency aid and logistical support to Ukrainians. All the daily necessities, like food, gasoline, and supplies, are all included. Binance has already contributed 16,042 BNB ($6 million).

“Watching this conflict escalate over the past four days has shocked our community to its core,” stated Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao. He stated that the company is happy that it was able to immediately mobilise its network to give aid and support to people in need on the ground. This involves assisting with the provision of food, fuel, materials, and housing for Ukrainians, among whom are several Binance community members. 

Binance is also working with local relief organisations to help Ukrainians cross the border into neighbouring nations.


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