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Binance all set to offer 8 new value added feature to its users with specific terms and restrictions

Binance has provided a value-added feature to its consumers by introducing 8 new assets to Flexible Savings. DNT, BEL, JST, OP, LTO, RAD, UFT, and RVN are among the new assets. Binance made the announcement on June 2, 2022, along with specific terms and restrictions.


The team has the power to update the list of currencies supported by Flexible Savings. Subscription limitations, prizes, and individual limits are also changeable.

The advertised APY does not represent the real APY. Since the APY is updated daily, the rewards received may differ from those advertised. APY means annual percentage yield and refers to the compounded return each year expressed as a percentage.

Elements of Binance ecosystem

Binance is the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange platform. The services offered to users are spread over Binance’s whole ecosystem. Binance Charity, Binance Launchpad, Binance Academy, Binance TrustWallet, Binance Labs, and Binance Research are some of the components of the ecosystem.

BNB chain is the community’s native token. It was launched in 2017, and its headquarters is in Malta. It has several utilities, including one that uses its underlying gas to power the whole environment.

Binance’s mission is to substantially enhance everyone’s life by increasing global money freedom.

Binance provide big list of digital assets

Binance lists over 100 cryptocurrencies, providing consumers with a diverse range of digital assets to trade. Binance accepts 19 different fiat currencies.

Binance mobile trading is a major feature that allows users to trade their digital assets while on the road. The crypto trading platform’s mobile application is compatible with all mobile operating systems and devices. Binance also has an eWallet where fiat money may be deposited and withdrawn at any time.

Binance’s official wallet is known as Trust Wallet. It is decentralised in nature and allows users to not only keep their digital assets but also earn decent interest on them. Binance customer support is provided 24/7 and customers may contact a professional anytime they get stuck.

The customer support staff recommends solutions that are specifically matched to the user’s needs or requirements. Traders who are just starting out with cryptocurrency may visit the platform’s learning area to become familiar with the process of buying and selling cryptocurrency and other items.

Binance support new traders

Binance Basic Trading account greatly assists newbie traders and encourages them to stick to a certain commodity. Experienced traders often sign up for the Advanced account, which allows them to extend their investment portfolio and obtain access to thorough technical analysis.

Usually, beginners continue with the Basic Account since it is simple to comprehend and use. It shows all of the crucial information on one page, removing the need to go to other sites.

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