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Base Network Launches Free Blockchain Developer Bootcamp

On October 20, the Ethereum layer-2 Base network unveiled an ambitious initiative to bridge the gap between traditional software developers and the rapidly evolving world of blockchain technology. This groundbreaking venture, aptly named “Base Bootcamp,” seeks to transform mid to senior level software engineering professionals into proficient blockchain developers. The best part? This eight-week training course comes at no cost, although admission is highly competitive.

Base Bootcamp acknowledges the pressing need for blockchain expertise, as the announcement underscores that a mere 0.1% of software developers currently venture into the Web3 realm. With fewer than 30,000 onchain developers compared to a staggering 30 million software developers, Base recognizes the immense potential in equipping more tech professionals with Web3 skills.

To ensure high-quality instruction and personalized support, Base Bootcamp will accept fewer than 20 students per cohort. The application window will close on October 27, offering limited opportunities for those eager to embark on this learning journey.

The program aims to overcome the challenges that arise when learning a complex skill independently. It plans to pair each student with a dedicated mentor and offer access to a team of experienced Coinbase and Base engineers. Weekly meetings, office hours, a private Discord server, and additional graded assignments will foster a supportive learning community.

Base Bootcamp’s comprehensive approach doesn’t stop at teaching; it requires students to create and present their Web3 applications at the program’s conclusion. As a testament to the quality of this training, students are expected to provide a deposit of 1 Ether (ETH) to secure their commitment, with the deposit refunded upon successful program completion.

The scarcity of qualified Web3 developers has become a critical issue in the industry, prompting innovative solutions like Base Bootcamp. While some educators advocate introducing Web3 development in high schools, others, such as Circle, have been developing tools to simplify the Web3 development process. The launch of Base Bootcamp represents a significant step towards equipping traditional software developers with the skills they need to thrive in the ever-evolving blockchain ecosystem.



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