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Asia’s first Metaverse wedding celebration on February 6th

“I'm feeling very happy and grateful about taking advantage of Metaverse and this incredible chance of this planet before millions of others. This metaverse wedding marks the start of something remarkable.” Danish Kshatriyan, the groom, said.

A couple, Mr. Dinesh Kshatriya and Ms. Janaganandhini Ramaswamy agreed to enter the metaverse fashion for their wedding celebration due to the obvious and significant development towards the Metaverse and Web 3.0. While 2021 was the year of NFTs, Asia is expected to have its first wedding celebration in the Metaverse on February 6, 2022, when the couple celebrates their Hogwarts-themed virtual wedding., a premier NFT Ecosystem Technology Framework, on 3 February presented the very first metaverse weddings NFT collection solely on Beyondlife.Club. This NFT series is an artwork incorporating background and clothing from the Harry Potter and cyberpunk times. 

It also consists of traditional wedding apparel showcasing the groom, bride and bride’s late father. The wedding will be sponsored by the crypto trading platform

The NFT with the bride and groom’s virtual avatars was purchased and resold on the exchange within the blink of an eye. Around 50 copies of the same were sold for USD 10 each, and one of them was re-sold on’s secondary marketplace for USD 100 in nano-second. 

Invitations of wedding which were earlier sold at USD 10each, are currently traded at USD 4450 each.

Ramkumar Subramaniam, CEO of, shared his thoughts on this wedding. “We have been working on blockchain technology for the past couple of years and this wedding concept is only the beginning of a new domain,”


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