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Amazon launches metaverse based game to impart cloud computing skills

Amazon has devised an fascinating new method of imparting cloud computing skills for its Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS Cloud Quest: Cloud Practitioner, a 3D web game with a Metaverse-like premise, was released last week.

Players will navigate a virtual metropolis and assist others in resolving real-world technological issues via the cloud. After that, the user will earn points by solving simulations and puzzles. In addition, users will be able to unlock additional character styles, city themes, pet companions, and virtual products such as hoverboards.

This appears to be a fascinating new approach to gamifying the process of imparting skills and education. The AWS Cloud Quest Game is designed for adults who are new to cloud computing. Furthermore, it is appropriate for those who are early in the cloud careers. The AWS Cloud Quest game will strive to transmit required skills and talent to employees and others through its interactive learning approach.

Furthermore,  in the last decade, Metaverse + Gaming presented tremendous prospects for businesses. There is a chance that Amazon will add crypto and NFTs to its own Metaverse products in the future.

There have already been various speculations of Amazon making a move in the crypto market. Last year, the business was also considering launching its own cryptocurrency. It will be fascinating to see if Amazon integrates public cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, and others for payment.

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