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A “solid gold cube” crypto promotion turns out to be a scam

The "solid gold cube" crypto promotion that appeared in New York this week has turned out to be hollow from the inside.

On February 2, Artnet reported that a USD 11.7 million 24-carat 410-pound gold cube had been placed in Central Park. It’s part of the marketing campaign for German artist Niclas Castello’s crypto project, Castello Coin (CAST).

According to the project’s website, CAST will be the first crypto token in history to “gain its degree of recognition through a unique, tangible artwork.” The project combines traditional banking, art, and cryptocurrency.

Following the shocking discovery by New York’s investigative park visitors, the “solid gold cube” scam has been mocked by many people online. 

Many visitors claim that the hollow golden cube perfectly represents the technology that promises grandiose use cases but fails to deliver.

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