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A Malaysian becomes millionaire in just five days converting selfies into NFTs 

NFTs are an important part of the cryptocurrency industry and are used for a variety of reasons. The notion of converting selfies into NFTs is a unique one. Ghonjali, a 22-year-old Malaysian resident, has spent years taking pictures and converting them into Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). From 2017 to 2021, his passion for taking photographs earned him a fortune since he snapped a lot of selfies. According to News18, the youngster sells selfies for thousands to cryptocurrency speculators. The youngster observed a complete change of fate in a short amount of time, which is astounding.

“It’s been three years, and 331 NFT is now sold out since I won’t be listing for the next few years. You are free to use whatever you want with my images, but just don’t abuse them or my parents will be extremely disappointed in me. I have faith in you, therefore please look after my photographs”. The youngster became a millionaire after the sale, which began on January 9 and lasted five days. In the last two weeks, the Malaysian resident has dominated the news and become a hot issue on social media.



Jeewan Singh
Jeewan Singh
Jeewan Singh is CryptoShrypto’s content writer and a seasoned writer with over two years of experience in writing about Indian Securities Market. Jeewan's participation in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency started in late 2020, and he hasn't looked back since. The technical and economic outcomes of cryptocurrency are what spark his curiosity, and he keeps one eye on the market.


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