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A large amount of ‘Sleeping’ Bitcoin’ was transferred after a decade in hibernation

After reaching a 24-hour peak of $42,592 per unit on Wednesday, the bitcoin price returned its gains, falling more than 5% in Thursday’s trading sessions. Meanwhile, while cryptocurrency values fluctuated, a strange bitcoin whale transferred 429 Sleeping bitcoin valued $16.8 million after waiting more than a decade.

‘Sleeping’ Bitcoin’ was transferred after a decade

After staying idle for more than a decade, a substantial chunk of Bitcoin was moved from a “Sleeping” Bitcoin account. On March 10, a movement of about 489.091 BTC worth over $17 million was detected from the bitcoin address “17QBW.” The originating address, from which the 1,000 BTC were sent, managed a total of 5,111 bitcoins between September 2010 and July 2011.

Cryptocurrency values have been unstable since the Russia-Ukraine crisis and increased uncertainty about the global economy’s future. After falling to a two-day bottom of $38,300, bitcoin’s price climbed to a high of $42,592 on Thursday. BTC’s value rebounded to $38K late Thursday after a brief spell of excitement. Regardless of the market’s volatility, an old-school whale from 2010 chose to shift a significant quantity of bitcoins. The term “whale” refers to any entity that owns a large number of tokens of a specific cryptocurrency.

Out of the 489.091 BTC, the 429 BTC worth $16.8 million were obtained from a transaction completed on October 28, 2010 (11 years and four months ago). The transaction resulted from a sender who had 1,000 bitcoin sent from one address to another on October 20, 2010. From September 2010 until July 2011, the source address, from which the 1,000 BTC were transmitted, handled a total of 5,111 bitcoins.

Despite the fact that the 429 BTC spent on March 10, 2022 was received at the same moment as the other 510.91 BTC, the owner waited more than just a decade to move the 429 BTC. Since the transition of bitcoin into hibernation in 2010, there hasn’t been a huge “awakening” of the cryptocurrency from that year.


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