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Wintermute signs strategic partnership with TRON to offer liquidity

On September 12, the leading decentralized and open-source blockchain-based operating system company, Tron, and crypto market maker, Wintermute, announced the signing of a strategic partnership for long-term cooperation.

The information that is currently available reveals that as a result of the new partnership, Wintermute will be providing liquidity for significant TRX pairings on a number of different exchanges. This action will make it easier for anyone throughout the cryptocurrency industry to get their hands on TRX tokens.

The Director of Business Development at Wintermute, David Micley, said:

“This latest partnership between Wintermute and TRON is an extension of our efforts to partner with leading DeFi projects and offer our support through what we do best – making markets more liquid. We’re thrilled for the opportunity to contribute to the TRON ecosystem as a liquidity provider.”

In the last couple of months, the TRON Network has been aggressively adding high quality partners to help scale the network globally. Earlier, Wintermute was appointed on being accepted as the most recent whitelisted member that is permitted to mint and redeem USDD. USDD is the over-collateralized decentralised stablecoin that is supported by the TRON network. With this initiative, Wistermute gets elevated to the status of an official member of the TRON DAO reserve.

Although Wintermute has previously handled multiple market maker projects, which makes it a good fit for the TRON network. Wintermute’s operation that involves will be to provide liquidity pairings for TRX, but the company will also be engaged in a variety of other projects in addition to this role. It is intended to provide coverage for centralised as well as decentralised exchanges. As a direct result of this, it will encourage competitive spreads irrespective of the conditions of the market.

As a result of the strategic partnership, Wintermute will be able to provide insights that have the potential to serve as the foundation of a long-term liquidity model for TRX and the related tokens. In general, it will provide strategic guidance that has the ability to make the TRON environment a better place.

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