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Whitepay now accepts cryptocurrencies at major tech stores in Ukraine

Ukraine citizens shall use digital tokens to purchase devices and other things through Whitepay ‘s service. A payment service, which was founded by the digital asset exchange Whitebit of Ukraine, has just introduced cryptocurrency payments in the nation’s leading technology retailers.

Whitepay accepts crypto payments from electronic dealers of Ukraine

According to the crypto news site Forklog, Whitepay, a platform that is functioning as part of the ecosystem of Whitebit crypto exchange, has accepted cryptocurrency payments for items sold by big electronic retailers in Ukraine. 

Tehnoezh and Stylus, who operate prominent digital sites in the industry, are two of the electronics shops whose consumers will now benefit from the new service, according to the article.

Thanks to the connection, customers may now make purchases using more than 130 different digital currencies. The ultimate objective for the future is to increase the number of digital currencies that are accepted.

Whitepay installs POS systems for Ukrainians

Users of cryptocurrencies in Ukraine will be able to conduct transactions with digital assets at physical locations or online stores using specialised point of sale (POS) devices put up by Whitepay. The payment service will maintain the system and offer customer support.

Cryptocurrencies have become more popular amongst citizens of Ukraine in recent years, with their nation being the adopting pioneer in Eastern Europe. Kyiv, capital of Ukraine has made moves to control the business, and while Russia attacked Ukraine in late February, both authorities and volunteer organisations have relied on cryptocurrency donations to fund defensive and relief missions.

These actions have been engaged in by Whitebit, a well-known European crypto exchange located in Estonia and established in Ukraine. Early this year, the trading platform and the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs signed a cooperative agreement to support the Anti-Crisis Center and help Ukrainian refugees abroad.

Numerous crypto businesses have also shown support. Binance, the nation’s biggest digital asset exchange in volume trading, has created a special crypto card for citizens of Ukraine who have been compelled to flee their residences as a result of the armed war with Russia.

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