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What exactly is Highstreet (HIGH)?

Highstreet is a multiplayer online game and metaverse that blends shopping, gaming, NFTs, and traditional brands. It is powered by the Ethereum token Highstreet (HIGH). by performing objectives, interacting with others, and buying NFTs. Users can play to earn points. HIGH can be used to purchase products, vote on platform direction, and access exclusive in-game events and regions.

MMORPG and decentralised metaverse, Highstreet World. The “metaverse as a service” layer has already been integrated into the project with key opinion leaders from exchanges like Binance, blockchains like AVAX, and funds like Everyrealm and Animoca. The project intends for interoperability from the beginning.

Ā Brands can’t create and develop full-scale games, though, so Highstreet is using this as an opportunity to establish the direction of future retail. Both established and emerging firms can take advantage of the initiative and easily set up virtual storefronts on web3 and within the Metaverse with a Merchant Portal developed on Metaplex. The project is an open-world MMORPG in which all in-game goods are manufactured by actual companies.



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