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Whales dropped $33 million in last 24 hr results Shiba Inu price falls 13%: Whalestats

On August 19, WhaleStats, which tracks the holdings of 5,000 whales on the Ethereum chain, shared the holdings data via tweet and revealed that the whales’ Shiba Inu holdings had dropped to around $33 million in the previous 24 hours. 

Meanwhile, during the same period, the price of the most popular meme coin SHIB came down to 13%.

Interpreting the crypto holding data of WhaleStats, it comes out that the amount of SHIB held by the top 100 investors had dropped significantly. Currently, the SHIB amount held by the whales comes out to be $158,492,174 which earlier was worth $191.2 million.

Moreover, on comparing these two data, the difference is roughly $33 million in SHIB. Now, this token comprises only 5% of the whale’s overall portfolio.

When examining the data presented by WhaleStats, the previous most popular coins, such as FTX and MATIC, have vanished from the top 10, leaving only MANA, UNISWAP, and CHAINLINK at the bottom. However, Shiba remains on this list.

 A strange wallet ending with – ed4a99 has sent a sum of 101,660,453 Shiba Inu to an “inferno” wallet, permanently locking it at the destination place.

 As per a similar site, 100,593,618 Shiba Inu were also eliminated from circulation. This time, according to the transaction list, it was the Shibburn team.

On August 18, the price of the Shiba Inu fell by nearly 13% since midday, wiping out all gains made during the rally.

At present, Shib is trading at the same levels as it was at the start of August. Since August 15, Shiba Inu has fallen by 26.5%.

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