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Vitalik twitter poll unveils 50% of crypto community demands .eth domain price must be less than $100

The Twitter poll conducted by Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin on September 4, uncovered that around fifty percent of the crypto community members believe the fair price would be less than $100 for a five-letter .eth domain name.

As per the responses submitted by community members, the “under $100” cost is the best since it would guarantee inclusivity for all, while others contended that the fee ought to be high as the space proprietorship would keep going for a long time.

Rodney Ramsey opined that “since .eth has almost no utility outside speculation, the registration ought to be as cheap as possible. If users desire to speculate and trade them, so be it, at any cost they want.”

Vitalik’s reply to community individuals showed that he was attempting to forbid “scalpers” from domain parking and give little players the chance to possess these domain names.

While some of the community individuals opined Vitalik, let the market conclude the price of these five-digit ENS domain names.

At the time of writing this, over 91,100 people had participated in the survey.

Recently, Ethereum creator opined a 3% annual charge for the highest bidder on ENS domain names.

As per Vitalik Buterin, to maintain the proprietorship the holders of the ENS domain names should have to pay annually 3% of the highest bid on their domain name address. If the individual has the highest bid of $500,000 on the domain name should be required to pay a $15,000 annual charge.

As per Vitalik, this would demotivate individuals from holding their domain as they are not utilising it.

In recent times, ENS domain names have seen monstrous adoption and development.

As per available information, the ENS domain names have produced $4.7 million in protocol income while adding more than 300,000 new .eth enrollments in August.

Additionally, it was uncovered that ENS areas added 34,000 new accounts with at least one ENS title and produced its third largest income in August with 2,744 ETH ($4.3 million).

The crypto community members give credit to the upcoming Ethereum merge for the rise in the ENS domain names.

Due to many influential accounts using. eth on their Twitter profile names, the use of .eth has become popular inside the crypto community.

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