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Vast introduce world’s first Artificial-Gravity Space Station

Vast is proud to announce its official launch of the world’s first Artificial-Gravity Space Station. Vast is a pioneer in space living technologies. Vast is building space stations with artificial gravity to allow scalable solutions for boosting human productivity in space. 

Vast is developing a world-class team of engineers to develop the future of space, with the support of numerous, seasoned industry experts, including advisor Hans Koenigsmann, a distinguished aerospace engineer and former vice president at SpaceX. 

When McCaleb founded eDonkey2000, one of the biggest file-sharing networks of the time, he marked the beginning of a lengthy career at the forefront of technology. He established a new business in 2007 that produced the videogame The Far Wilds.

Building space stations: Ripple co-founder McCaleb

Vast’s goal is to make it possible for millions of people to live all around the solar system in the future, according to McCaleb. The resources in the solar system are astounding. Vast had access to those resources, and could advance civilization while also protecting the environment. He further added that it can develop the industry and infrastructure required to tap those resources on a large scale once there are enough people to support large populations in space.

He founded the popular trading card website Magic: The Gathering Online Exchange, which was later transformed into the Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange in 2011. He co-founded Ripple Labs as well, although he departed the business in June 2013.

In 2014, McCaleb established the Stellar Development Foundation after quitting Ripple. In order to help humanity access the “huge number of riches” in our solar system, McCaleb says he intends to apply his knowledge.

“I have always believed in leveraging technology to reduce inefficiency and improve the human condition. To expand human habitation in space, we have to create technologies that perfect sustainability.”

McCaleb claims that in order to develop technology that has only previously been seen in science fiction, he is putting together a “world-class team” of engineers with the assistance of numerous seasoned business professionals.


Vast introduce world’s first Artificial-Gravity Space Station
Vast introduce world’s first Artificial-Gravity Space Station

Artificial gravity is the real concept: McCaleb

Artificial gravity is a real concept. All that is needed is a sizable rotating structure. The ensuing centrifugal force creates a pull similar to gravity.

In 2031, NASA will deorbit and decommission the International Space Station (ISS), which might pave the way for private enterprises to offer alternatives.

McCaleb’s net worth was projected by Forbes to be at least 2.5 billion dollars as of 2022, despite the fact that the source of Vast’s funding for the space station project remained unknown.

He received billions of XRP tokens as a founder member of Ripple Labs in 2012, which he steadily sold off over the course of eight years until July 18, when his supply ran out, while other sources claim it is actually far higher.

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