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US lawmaker Tom Emmer demands explanation over sanctions on Tornado Cash from Treasury Department

On August 23, Tom Emmer (R-MN), a US lawmaker, shared a letter on Twitter requesting answers from the US Treasury Department about the sanctions imposed on Tornado Cash.

In a letter to the Treasury, Yellen highlighted his stance on the sanction by noticing the implications it poses for people’s privacy rights and national security.

As per Rep. Emmer, the sanctions imposed by OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) target illegal money connected to cyber-attacks and crypto heists. However, they were remarkable in that the organization didn’t charge them “against an individual or an entity, but against the ‘privacy-enabling’ code.”

Moreover, Tom Emmer noticed that the sanctions are against “open-source, neutral, decentralized technology,’ raising a ton of issues that the Treasury needs to explain.

A US lawmaker wants an explanation from the US Treasury on whether the OFAC sanction embraced that the prohibited Tornado Cash addresses belong to people. Additionally, Emmer also looks for an explanation of precisely who or what entity the organization accepts control of the mixing service’s smart contracts.

Likewise, in his series of inquiries, the response is for the users whose assets are locked and the individuals who would get unsolicited cash from the blacklisted addresses.

Early this month, OFAC sanctioned Tornado Cash for its involvement in multiple money laundering cases with the North Korean hacker.

The sanctioning has forced many crypto platforms to stop Tornado Cash from working on their sites, and with the arrest of programmers in the Netherlands, Tornado Cash has seen a more extensive howl across the crypto space.

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