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Ukrainian Citizen Groups Are Planning To Announce Web3 Roadmap

According to reports from local media, Virtual Assets of Ukraine (VAU), a citizen initiative, and Blockchain4Ukraine, a group of pro-crypto Ukrainian MPs, have partnered to publish a roadmap plan for the development and promotion of Web3 in the country.

The roadmap suggests a set of measures for promoting Web3, such as the launch of a regulatory sandbox for blockchain and Web3 projects, the creation of a national blockchain-backed land and property register, the preparation of a “blockchain plan” to rebuild the country after the war, and the integration of Ukraine into the European blockchain community. In addition, the roadmap proposes the integration of Ukraine into the global blockchain community.

VAU and Blockchain4Ukraine also plan to work together on a pilot project for self-sovereign identity and look into whether or not it would be possible to use blockchain technology in Ukraine’s healthcare and education systems.

Civil society and non-governmental groups, as well as the scientific community and corporate sectors, are included on the list of prospective partners for the plan. After finishing the road map, the committee that is working on it will create a series of laws to push its proposals on the legal level.

The European Blockchain Partnership is an effort formed by the 27 member states of the European Union to supply cross-border public services. In June, Ukraine became the third nation outside of the European Union to join the European Blockchain Partnership. During that time period, VAU CEO Konstantin Ermolenko disclosed Ukraine’s interest in operating a test node of the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure as well as pilot use cases of cross-border public services based on blockchain technology.

Since February 2022, when the Russian invasion started, Ukraine has been able to collect about $100 million in cryptocurrency donations through the Crypto Fund of Ukraine, which is run by the Ukrainian government.

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