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Ukrainian Art Museum to introduce exclusive NFT collection on Binance NFT

The Kharkiv Art Museum, one of the oldest and most expensive museum art collections in Ukraine, has announced the debut of its NFT collection on the NFT marketplace of Binance, the world’s top blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider. Approximately 25,000 works of fine art from Ukraine, Western Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East from the 15th to the 21st century are now on display in the museum.

The Kharkiv Art Museum will auction off 15 pieces from its collection as part of the opening of the “Art without Borders” NFT collection on Binance NFT. Albrecht Dürer, Simon de Vlieger, Georg Jacob Johann van Os, and other artists’ works will be included in the collection. The museum’s operational activities will use all of the money it raises from the sale to preserve its artefacts and create new jobs.

On October 13, the auction will start, and it will last for a week. Three groups will be used to classify all NFTs as Gold starting at $1,000 BUSD, comprises five works of art. Silver starts at $750 BUSD and comes with five pieces of art. Bronze starting price is $500 BUSD and contains five works of art.

Honcharov Agency CEO Oleksandr Honcharov, stated:

“Today we are erasing borders and moving into the digital era. With the help of Web3 technologies, the collection of the Kharkiv Art Museum can be exhibited anywhere in the digital world. Masterpieces cared for by the museum will be able to help its development in such a difficult time.”

One of the NFT platforms with the fastest global growth is Binance. After only a little more than a month since its launch, Binance NFT has signed up more than 400 global authors and produced 25 million BUSD in revenue. Since its launch, Binance NFT has sold over one million Mystery Boxes and earned sales of 40 million BUSD.

The account mechanism used by Binance.com and Binance NFT Marketplace is the identical. Existing Binance users can utilise their existing Binance accounts to access the NFT market and trade. To create an account or start trading on the Binance NFT platform, new users only need to register on Binance.com. Additionally, multi-chain functionality for NFT deposits and withdrawals has been added by Binance NFT. Now, users can move their NFTs.

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