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Ukraine Police shuts illegal call centres allegedly targeting European crypto victims

On August 30, the National Police of Ukraine (NPU) announced that it had seized the call centre network, attacking Ukrainian and European citizens who had previously been tricked by crypto scams.

As per the Ukrainian police declaration, cybercrime groups presented themselves as securities, commodities, and cryptocurrency exchanges, reportedly proposing to support crypto scam victims while suggesting new investment options in precious metals, crypto, and securities.

Moreover, the workers of the disguised group introduce themselves as state banking employees to extort the banking details and secret information of clueless residents.

On the other hand, some call centre workers communicated with victims of crypto fraud, imitating themselves as representatives of the crypto broker community to obtain commission charges for recovering their lost assets, only to cut the communication after the payment.

As per Chainalysis data, in 2021, more than $7.7 billion was robbed through crypto scams worldwide, with a yearly increase of 81%.

The NPU revealed in its investigation that it had seized equipment, computers, and storage systems from the bust and uncovered draft records affirming the criminal wrongdoings.

As per the Ukrainian police, cyber criminals will be charged with fraud cases and the use of harmful software. Apart from this, each of them will face jail of up to 12 years.

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