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UAE Economy Ministry opens new headquarters in metaverse

On September 28, the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) Minister of Economy Abdulla bin Touq Al Marri, announced the opening of a new headquarters in Metaverse. The UAE’s Minister of Economy made this announcement during the Dubai Metaverse Assembly.

The new headquarters will be a multi-story building with distinct uses on each floor. Visitors will be able to buy a ticket that will send a representative from the customer satisfaction centre into the metaverse to interact with them.

new headquarters in metaverse

Communication in the metaverse is voice-prompted to mimic a genuine chat with a customer service professional because it is a 3D arrangement as opposed to the two-dimensional webpage.

The metaverse headquarters would be the third office of the Ministry of Economy, offering a fully immersive experience for connecting and collaborating with international organisations, governments and the general public.

As per some sources, the ministry would be able to expand its use of digital services in response to directions from UAE leadership by combining the new headquarters with its two current offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Guests to the digital headquarters will able to sign legitimately binding documents, killing the requirement for signatories to venture out to one of their physical locations.

The corporate headquarters also has conference rooms where users can share a screen and an auditorium for online conferences and other activities.

The managing director and partner of BCG Digital Ventures, Mark Zaleski, stated, “Early adopters will prosper in the metaverse. The latecomers will have to invest significantly more money in order to catch up.

The Dubai government made the announcement, after the launch of its Metaverse strategy on July 18, which intends to generate 40,000 virtual employments by 2030 and assist the government’s goal of increasing the quantity of blockchain firms to five times that are currently operating.

According to experts, the metaverse business is already worth more than $3 billion and is projected to grow to a peak of $80 billion by 2030.

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