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Twitter Co-founder Unveils Its Social Protocol App “Bluesky”

On October 18, the co-founder and former CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, announced the most recent version of Bluesky Social’s social protocol as well as a brand new app that is a part of Bluesky Social’s decentralised response to Twitter.

The programme was first announced by Dorsey in December 2019, with the goal that users of social media platforms should have control over their data and be able to move it from platform to platform without permission.

The new protocol, which was formerly known as ADX but has since been renamed Authenticated Transfer Protocol (also known as AT Protocol), is referred to as a “protocol for large-scale distributed social applications.” It is designed to enable account portability, algorithmic choice, interoperability, and performance.

Working mechanism of protocol:

The domain names, such as “,” will be used to manage user identities in the AT protocol, which will be governed by the protocol. These would then translate to encrypted URLs, which would safeguard the user account as well as the data contained inside it. It is also possible to transfer this data from one service provider to another “without losing any of your data or social network.” Other features of the protocol include interoperability and improved performance, in addition to “algorithmic choice,” which provides users with access to “an open market of algorithms.” This is analogous to the way users who interact with web search engines are free to choose which indexers they want to use.

Bluesky explained that what this means is that users will have more control over what they see and who they reach on social media platforms that use the protocol, as opposed to having that aspect controlled and manipulated by a single corporation seeking engagement. Bluesky explained that this will be the case because users will no longer be subject to the influence of a single corporation.

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