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Tornado Cash developer’s arrest results over 50 crypto activist on protest against Dutch police in Amsterdam Dam Square

Over 50 crypto and privacy activists are protesting the arrest of Tornado Cash creator Alexey Pertsev in Amsterdam’s Dam Square. Pertsev’s wife helped plan and is participating in the protest.

Two days after the United States government sanctioned Tornado Cash on the basis that it was used to launder stolen money for North Korean actors, Dutch officials in the Netherlands detained Pertsev on August 12, 2018. This took place in the Netherlands. The Dutch police said that the individuals behind Tornado Cash generated significant gains from the aforementioned operations.

“The accusations against Alex threaten to kill the entire open-source software segment. No one will dare to write and publish open-source code, no one will invest in the segment if they could be made responsible for the use of the tool they created by other parties,” stated the event page for the protest.

Those who are objecting claim that Pertsev should not be held liable for producing code that is available under an open source licence, regardless of how it may be used by malicious parties.

Petr Korolev, one of the co-founders of Oxorio, said on Twitter that while Pertsev has not been formally charged with anything, he has been questioned about his part in the creation of the protocol.

Both Banteg, a key developer for Yearn Finance, and Stani Kulechov, founder of Aave, are members of a Telegram channel that was established to organise the protest. The discussion has led to the conclusion that there may be a second demonstration in London over the next several weeks.

A petition opposing the arrest of Pertsev and demanding that developers be allowed to continue exercising their freedom to build open-source code has received over 1,500 signatures from supporters.

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